21 Email Marketing Tips For The Small Business Owner

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Email marketing repeatedly produces over 4000% Return-On-Investment.  With that in mind, we have created these twenty-one email marketing tips to provide you, the small business owner, with some helpful ideas for your email marketing campaigns.

ONE – You want quality email lists: They are considered a must-have starting point for a good email marketing campaign.  There are many ways to go about collecting such lists.  Have a chat with the folks at Marketing Results International – they will help with this.

TWO – Signup forms: Using a signup form in your email campaign? Use an embedded form instead of a link to an online form – it makes it much easier for prospects to sign up.

THREE – Lots of signups: Have a signup form on your website/landing pages so people can quickly sign up for your mailing lists.

FOUR – Mobile-friendly and easy to respond to emails:  Make your emails mobile-friendly.  A vast majority of people look at their email on mobile phones these days.

FIVE – Segment your lists: Breaking your email list down into segments helps you precisely target your prospects with the right messages.

SIX – Use a cold email sending software platform: A service like Clickback can help you with this.

SEVEN – Make sure your target audience can read your emails: Your email should have a big enough font that is easy to read, and your emails should be precise and to the point and quickly “skimmable.” You get a better response when potential customers can get what you are saying quickly.

EIGHT – Deliver what you promise – consistently! The whole subject of promotion and marketing has a vital ingredient that cannot be ignored.  The idea is to CONTINUE. So, if you promise something in an email campaign, be sure to deliver it.  If you do not, your campaigns will not be believed after a while, and your marketing efforts will fail.  If you habitually deliver on your promises, your marketing results will get better and better.

NINE – List of contacts: When you get a new subscriber from your website, landing page, or signup form, remember to ask them to ass you to their contact list so that your follow-up campaigns will reach their inbox.

TEN – Branding, branding, branding:  Branding is essential to every email campaign.  Make sure all your emails are correctly and consistently branded, as this helps potential customers remember you.

ELEVEN – Welcome emails: Sending welcome emails to new subscribers and potential customers increases the conversion rate tremendously in email marketing campaigns.

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TWELVE – Keep people informed: Potential customers like to be kept informed of exciting things in their industry.  So when you are doing campaigns, send out occasional news that gets the customer thinking things like, “Wow! I didn’t know that!” and so on.  Doing this helps them remember you fondly.

THIRTEEN – Special offers:  Special offers attract attention and are generally liked. So, when you have a special offer for potential customers, don’t keep it to yourself – let everyone in your email lists know about it!

FOURTEEN – Reminders: Helpful reminders are appreciated.  When you gently remind someone of something vital that they may have forgotten, they very much appreciate it. So be on the lookout for things you can remind your potentials customers of that will help them.

FIFTEEN – Special occasions email: Special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal specials, etc., is another opportunity to connect with potential customers and have them think kindly of you.  Building relationships is what sales and conversations.  Special occasions email help.

SIXTEEN – Ease of reading:  This one is a repeat because it’s THAT important.  Create your email for your campaign, and then read it from the potential customer’s perspective. Is it easy to read? Easily understood?  Simple and clear?  IF not, re-write so that it is easy to read and gets your message across quickly.

SEVENTEEN – Subject lines: Subject lines are highly vital and impact your open rate tremendously.  A recent survey on this brought the fact to light.

EIGHTEEN – Social Media Links: Your emails should have social media links added to them.  These help your potential prospects easily share your information with others when it positively impacts them.  Make it easy to share.

NINETEEN – Test. Test. Test: It is crucial to watch the analytics of your email campaigns like a hawk and adjust as needed based on the analytics.  A good rule of thumb is: If the analytics says your email campaign is better received than the last time you sent it out – send it again!  If not, change the campaign and see what result the new changes bring.

TWENTY – Give them something to do now:  Call to action buttons are vital in any email campaign.  They give the potential customer something to do and make it EASY for them to do it.

TWENTY-ONE – Landing pages:  Finally, it is essential to create landing pages relevant to your potential customers when doing email campaigns.  These should be simple and straightforward. You’ve asked the potential customer to come to this page for something; more information, a free eBook, etc.; make sure the landing page delivers. 

Minimal information – the maximal impact is a good rule here.

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