The Value of Data Append and Enhancement Services

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Data append, and enhancement services can enhance your customer base by appending major data elements. As a result, it increases the performance of business intelligence and marketing functions.

The value addition provided by these services can integrate communication channels by establishing a solid point of contact that will lead to more excellent customer retention and generate more quality leads.

Data Enhancement Services

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Many clients have record information and have a valid database but are missing out on specific and necessary fields that could be useful for marketing and other purposes. In such cases, the solution is data enhancement services that include list enhancements and data appending services.

Benefits of Data Enhancement Services

In today’s business world, everything revolves around data. Companies rely heavily on it, and rightly so because utilizing data effectively leads to making the right business decisions. Enhancing information is a way to add additional demographic or firm demographic elements to your existing database. Following are the key benefits of data enhancement:

1.      Increased Return on Investment

Data quality is crucial in making business decisions, and every company is looking to increase its ROI. With data enhancement services, businesses can obtain a more extensive understanding of the different ways in which data can improve the decision-making process. The benefits directly impact the ability to enhance investment choices by gathering information through data collection and tools and detailed analyses of business operations.

2.      No Hidden Costs 

The inaccuracy of data can lead to a series of hidden costs that business owners are generally unaware of. The hefty fee incurred that impacts the business’s bottom line is out of sight.

Unreliable and obsolete data can cause many unforeseen problems, and you will never know what hit you until it does. For example, if you rarely update your customer contact database, chances are many of your customers have changed their addresses, name, or contact information. So not only can you not reach them, but you are also wasting money trying to with an out-of-date customer base.

3.      Achieving Golden Record

The highest standard for quality of data is known as the ‘golden record.’ The golden record encompasses all the vital information and ensures that it is 100% accurate. The ‘golden record’ especially puts the critical focus on maintaining the contacts’ database, which holds customers’ contact information.

With data enhancement services, you can get contact information with the minutest of details and fill out the missing information that could stop you from achieving the golden record level for your company. The data will be appropriately formatted and standardized according to your needs and requirements.

The Value of Data Enhancement Services

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Data enhancement services provide value to your customer and contact database in the following ways:

·        Time-efficient

The systems are automated, so you will save on time and reduce costs for getting the job done in a smaller chunk of time.

·        Gaining Insights

It will help you gain insights into your customers by analyzing the customer information and current market trends.

·        Qualify Prospects

Targeting prospects that are not relevant to your business is a waste of marketing efforts and costs, so it will help you target suitable prospects.

What is Data Appending?

Data appending is a process that allows you to stay up to date with your client list without compromising on the quality of your database. Data append services can help enrich your database by generating qualified leads and meet that sales target by guaranteed conversions.

The Data Appending Cycle

Appending your data more frequently is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your target audience. The five steps included in the data appending cycle are:

1.      Data Segmentation

The data is filtered based on customer requirements and relevancy. Segmenting your data will help establish more robust communication channels because you can directly target your customer base.

2.      Erase Unresponsive Data

Unresponsive data deleted from your records permanently. It will ensure that the marketing strategy is directed at responsive customers.

3.      Update Missing Fields

Once the unresponsive data is cleared from your records, updating the missing information in your database becomes easier.

4.      Data Verification

Data is verified manually through data scientists and AI filters to ensure that the data received is authentic and valid.

5.      Final Authentication

In the final stage, the data is authenticated to ensure there is no breach of data. The information that comes in will be legally optimized, protecting it from any misuse and exploitation of data.

Value of Data Append Services

When armed with the correct database, your business can reach new heights. Data append services enable your business to update its records by keeping obsolete data away. Following are some of the many value-added benefits of data appending:

  • Increases the retention rate for customers in the database
  • Reduces the cost of each lead by 20%
  • Improve on the quality of leads by marketing automation and nurturing the right leads
  • Direct communication with the responsive audience from your database
  • Provides opportunity of cross-selling and up-selling other products and services
  • Drive-up sales by increasing the probability 10x

Data Append Services

Following are the different types of data append services available:

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1.      Email Appending

The process of matching vendors’ databases with customer’s data to get and attach usable email addresses.

2.      Full Contact Appending

The verification and upgrading of different business identification elements such as the title of the business, contact name, email addresses, industry code, etc.

3.      Phone Appending

The process of verifying phone numbers that are in use and generate a positive response. The numbers are updated according to their responsiveness.

4.      Social Profile Appending

Upgrading information related to the customer’s social media profile to broaden the research horizon of the customer base.

Data appending and enhancement services simplify how your data looks by organizing and optimizing it. The value provided by these services will prove to be unparalleled for the growth of your business.

If any of these services fit your data needs, contact – they can help.

Clifford Woods